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Hello and good morning to all the Santas out there. I’m Rusty, your friendly neighborhood elf with a note about 2016’s Be A Santa campaign. It’s slightly long-ish, so I’ll apologize in advance for that. We’ve got lots of info to share, so let’s get going!

First of all, a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone that’s been giving throughout the year! The campaign actually runs all year long via beasanta.org, but our promotional efforts are focused on the weeks leading up to the beginning of December. So THANKS AGAIN for everyone that pays attention to us throughout the year!

Secondly, we’ve got another $10,000 matching donation dedicated this year. Let me type it again: $10,000!. We’re overwhelmed by the level of generosity from our heroes offering this matching donation! Now it’s up to you to help make that match happen!

Head over to beasanta.org, find the donation widget in the lower right of the main page, and fill in the form. You’re done in 30 seconds, and are making a real difference in the lives of some kids that need some light and joy at this time of year especially.

Third, we’ve got books to give away! Kevin J. Anderson has very generously donated several bundles of books for giveaways this year, so Pat will be doing “weekly” drawings out of the folks that donate via beasanta.org. The more often you donate, the greater your chances of winning. Pat will try to do the drawings via Facebook Live at as regular a time as possible so everyone can tune in. We’ll let everyone know beforehand in any case.

Fourth, we’re still in the process of getting beasanta.org fully updated with this year’s information, so there will probably be a little bit of churn on the content there. However, the needs are along the same lines as in years past — money donations are fantastic, but we also need lots of other things. The info on the What We Need page (http://beasanta.org/what-we-need/) is still mostly accurate, although the quantities are changing some.

Whew, that was a lot. Congratulations on making it this far! Stay tuned for more updates in the very near future, and double- and triple-thanks for your generosity. Let’s make this year’s efforts AWESOME! Talk to you soon!

–Rusty Elf

christmas carol
christmas carol
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