There are several ways you can help Penny Lane help these kids!

Make a monetary donation. Everything helps. Everything!

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Have a party with your friends and ask them to bring books or games or stuffed animals, blankets etc. Make a theme, and then have everyone write a holiday card to a teen.

My friend Kurt has a holiday bash every year and his friends all know to bring a donation to Be A Santa! Some put cash in a nice box Kurt has out for that purpose, and some bring board games and books.

Have a giving tree set up at your place of work, and make an ornament shaped note for the branches, giving an idea for what your co workers can donate.

Sponsor a teen for $100, a house of 6 girls or boys for $600, or a caseload of girls for $2000. Ask your friends or co workers to join you.

Provide ‘House’ gifts of board games, PG13 DVDs, and books and sporting goods, that can be given to the whole house. Footballs, basket balls, jump ropes, hula hoops, soccer balls etc.

A lot of my kids don’t want to read a book so comics are a great way to trick them into reading! Please, no dark subject matter.

I have 120 teenagers. 10 houses and 5 caseloads.

Post on my Facebook page if you have any questions or ideas! www.facebook.com/patriciatallmanpage

Thank you!!!


What We Need

The sooner we receive your donations, the sooner we can begin putting together the gift bags and purchase the gift cards. It is never to early to donate and the earlier we get started, the better. Shopping for 120 teenagers takes quite a bit of time!

Be A Santa needs your help!

Urgently Needed:

  • Cash donations for the gift cards each teen receives
  • Small and medium size stuffed animals

To see how much we have raised throughout the season, check out my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/PatriciaTallmanPage where amounts are updated several times a week.

All Teens receive a gift bag containing:

Gift cards: Donated funds are used to give each teen a gift card to Westfield Shopping Malls. These cards are good for any store in the mall. (We divide the money that comes in between the kids. They each get a card for the same amount. I’d like the cards to be for between $75 and $100, which means a minimum of $9000 needed just for the cards.)

Stocking stuffers: Candy, school supplies, art supplies, diaries.

Plush/Stuffed Toys: Medium sized plush character figures, throws or pillows of a popular cartoon. We need 116 plush figures such as Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Care Bears, Tweety, Taz, Mickey and Minnie and Sponge Bob Square Pants.

Throws/Blankets: Colorful or with characters.

Books: Teen series books, “Goosebumps,” “Harry Potter,” “Soup for the Soul” books, poetry, comic books, etc.

Personal Care Products: Nice quality hair products. The girls love lotions, nail polish & pretty bath stuff. The guys like cologne.

Small games, comics & cards: These are great for both the boys and the girls.

In addition to the individual gift bags, all houses receive:

A Holiday tree & party. Be A Santa uses the money you donate to purchase a Holiday tree for each of the 10 Penny Lane Center houses and to throw the teens a special holiday party, which is when they receive their gift bags.

Items we provide to the houses are for the benefit of all the teens who live there. Some of the items we look for each year include:

  • New and used DVDs (rated G or PG13).
  • DVD players (used is great!)
  • Board games and educational computer games.
  • Balls of all kinds (basketball, football, soccer, etc.)
  • Books (All age-appropriate reading levels and genres, new & used).
  • Crochet yarn, hooks and patterns or how-to books. The girls really enjoy this as a hobby.

Thank you so much for your generosity, and may you and yours have a joyous Holiday Season!


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christmas carol
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