Be A Santa 2018!

Our monetary goal this year is $10,000! We’ve gotten a later start than usual, but I know that we can make the goal. You guys are AWESOME and always come through for the kids. Together, we can help bring these kids some much needed love and joy this holiday season!

Two quick administrative notes:

  1. I will be travelling almost up until the day I have to prepare for the party. If you are going to be sending something to the mailing address, it will be picked up by one of the other elves. Please let us know what it is so that I can adjust the remote shopping schedule and list.
  2. We have more boys than girls this year: 7 boy houses and 3 girl houses. Keep this in mind when you check out How you can help.

A bit about Be A Santa

I volunteer for the Penny Lane Home for Children. In 1996, I created a program for the teens of Penny Lane called “Be A Santa”.

Animated Pat (Be a Santa)

The 120 + teenagers of Penny Lane have been so sexually, emotionally, and physically abused they cannot be placed in regular foster care. Penny Lane has taken in these kids whose trauma is such that they are not able to be placed in a home and given them a safe place to recover, be cared for, treated, and educated.

Penny Lane was started in the 1960s by a remarkable woman named Ivelise Markovitz. I am blessed to say she is still a good friend of mine today. Penny Lane, like many worthy places, faces desperate challenges to keep the doors open, much less provide the kids with Holiday gifts. Here’s where we come in.

The Be A Santa program makes the holidays happen for the 120 + teens in residence in the San Fernando Valley. We get teens from all over. The main residence and group homes are here in the Valley. I gather funds and donations and make each teen a personalized gift bag full of stocking stuffers and a Westfield Mall gift card, which is good for any store. We put trees in each of the 10 homes and provide resources for Holiday parties and dinners. It takes about $15,000 to make all of this happen each year. And while most of the activity happens around the holiday season, I can take donations throughout the year.

Every year it is thrilling to see these tough kids light up when they get their bag of goodies handed to them from Santa! It’s just amazing to see that something so minor for us can make such a difference for them. Because of the economy, an additional group home, and more teens than ever before, we are faced with a huge challenge this year. I am asking you to help me in any way you see fit. I can send you a list of items we need and, of course, we need money as well.

Please pass this on to other folks who might help. Share it through email, social media, or any other way you can think to get the word out. Everyone coming together for these kids is what the season is all about. No matter where you are from or what you believe, helping kids is a blessing for all of us.

Thanks so much for being the amazing people you are! You are angels for these kids!


christmas carol
christmas carol
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